Our actions

Here's what we're doing to protect the environment!

Ecological Hosting

All our sites are hosted by Infomaniak, a Swiss hosting company with advanced environmental commitments.The servers are powered by electricity generated by renewable energy.

Minimizing the carbon footprint of our sites

Minimizing code Compressing site imagesLoading page content as it is displayedMeasuring and displaying the carbon footprint of our sites with Website Carbon CalculatorFor each website we create, we plant a tree in partnership with Ecotree to offset CO2 production.

Internal best practices

- We minimize CO2 emissions due to travel as we are a full remote team- We use reconditioned computer equipment as much as possible and donate our obsolete equipment so that it can be reused- We use the Ecosia search engine which plants trees thanks to the searches carried out.

Biodegradable paper supports

Thanks to our partner ICS43, our paper supports are produced whenever possible with biodegradable inks and on recycled and recyclable paper or paper from sustainably managed forests.
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